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One of the first steps in the adoption process is to complete your home study. You won't need to wait long for your home study if you are motivated.  The length of the waiting time for the home study is really up to you.  You provide the documentation necessary and we will do your home study completely, accurately and in a timely manner.  

In regard to how long before you get your baby, remember that adoption is highly sought after and the waiting time for placement can be impacted by many factors.  Some tire or lose hope because of the wait time.  But don't give up.  Remember, there is hope!  The wait time can vary widely from as little as 1 month (which is rare) up to several years.  

 When choosing a domestic adoption program families always want to know, "How long will we have to wait to get my baby?" Primarily, it comes down to four important principles:

 1.  The number of adoptive families applying for adoption as compared to the annual number of children placed by birth parents.

2. The desires of the adoptive family regarding the characteristics of the child to be adopted including background, race, health, disabilities, post placement contact including pictures and letters.

3. The desires of the birth parents regarding the characteristics of the family the child is to be placed with including background, race, health, disabilities, finances, religion, marital status, work status, post placement contact including pictures and letters.

4. Costs associated with the adoption and the ability of the family to cover the costs. 

In most cases, waiting time estimates are simply an adoption professional's and adopting famlies’ best guess. Generally adoption professionals are not intentionally trying to mislead people or give them false hope. Rather, they know the variance in adoption and they have seen some families placed very quickly whereas others have taken much longer.  There are ways, however, for families to better estimate actual waiting times for the adoption programs they are considering:

 Ask the professional or agency you are working with on your adoption plan the annual number of adoptions that they took part in personally in the past year.

 It will also help for you to ask:

How many adoptive families do you currently have applying for adoption?

Of your annual adoption number, how many of those adoptions did the agency/professional find the birth parents?

What is your average waiting time to be placed for an adoption?

 It is a critical step to consider and determine what is important to your family in your adoption plan. The more flexible you are as a family regarding your adoption plan, the more exposure you will receive to expectant mothers, which can potentially reduce your waiting time.

 Here is one example:  between 60-70 percent of birth mothers smoke during their pregnancy. Therefore, families who will not accept smoking by the birth mother exclude themselves from about 65 percent of their adoption possibilities. As a couple or family, it is important for you to discuss these facts with each other and then communicate these with the adoption professionals. Most adoption programs will be forthright and honest regarding how a family's openness or lack thereof might affect their wait. Also consider:

 Some adoption programs require different things from their prospective adoptive clients. For example, some adoption professionals only perform open adoptions. An open adoption is where there is degree of contact post adoption between adoptive families and the birth parents.  The amount of contact varies depending on the desires and agreements made between birth parents and adoptive parents.

 The birth parent(s) generally choose the adoptive family from among several that are presented to them.  Most birth parents have strong feelings about who they want their child placed with based on their circumstances.  Even though this choosing does affect the waiting time, this is one factor that you cannot control.  You can however influence this with carefully considered words and a well thought out and presented birth parent brochure. A birth parent brochure is created by the perspective adoptive family and it should be created professionally understanding that there is potentially an element of competition as you “go up” against other families being considered.  Women choosing to place their babies for adoption do so for a variety of reasons and the decision is one of the hardest decisions a person may face. This helps the adoptive family to understand, at least in a small degree, why the decision of choosing the family to place her child with is so important and why she will typically be very thoughtful in choosing her family.

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